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Preschool Testimonial

Preschool Testimonial

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"We've seen many magicians at previous parties, but you were by far the very best and most entertaining!"  "I have never seen kids laugh so much."

Library Testimonial

Library Testimonial

Library Testimonial

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Laughs and Gasps · Your Child is the Star of the Show
Your Child Will Float on a Magic Carpet!

Rocky the Live Rabbit!

"Jim, your show was awesome!  My son was dying with laughter!"
--Jack Black

Jersey Jim Kids Magician Makes Kids Laugh Like Crazy
Jersey Jim is so Funny!

Best Kids Magician Jersey Jim Laughing Kids
Non-Stop Laughter

Funniest Kids Magician Jersey Jim Makes Kids Laugh at Birthday Magic Show
Gaggle of Giggles

Best Birthday Magician Jersey Jim Makes Kids Laugh
3 year old Birthdays


Exciting and Affordable Packages to Make Your Center's Event Unforgettable

  • The Preschool Comedy Magic Show

30-minute laugh-athon of Jim's original comedy magic routines that you will see from no other magician.  Comedy, magic, funny puppet, music, dancing, non-stop laughter.  Every child receives a jumbo magic dollar.

  • Preschool Rabbit Show

45-minute comedy magic show featuring the production of a LIVE RABBIT.  The children will turn a puppet rabbit into a real rabbit in Jim’s original, heart-warming Velveteen Rabbit routine.  Guaranteed to melt every heart.  In addition to the previous show benefits, this package also features a beautiful curtain to turn your center into a theater.  (Indoor performances or outside shade required.)

  • Reading is Magic Show

45-minute Magic of Reading show featuring the production of a LIVE RABBIT.  “Most liked how the children were participating with enthusiasm and the combining of stories to encourage the kids to read.  You gotta get Jersey Jim if you want the kids to enjoy your program.  Very, very good.  We’ll get him again.” --Vanessa Chua, Children’s Librarian, Signal Hill Library

  • The Big Boo Halloween Magic Show

The Big Boo Halloween Safety Show is the perfect way to celebrate the Halloween season in a fun and educational way.  It's a learning giggle fest.  Between laughter the children learn Costume Safety, Group Safety, and Candy Safety.  For example, they learn not to eat any treats that are unwrapped until asking an adult.  

  • Frosty the Snowman Winter Show

Frosty's fun-filled winter magic show is the perfect way to celebrate the winter season in a non-denominational way.  Hilarious magic routines with penguins, polar bears, gingerbread men, floating snowballs, and, of course, Frosty the Snowman himself, who makes his surprise appearance at the end of the show fresh from the North Pole.  A thrilling Disney-esque moment that the children will always remember.  It will even snow!  This event is perfect from November through March.

Magician Jersey Jim's Indoor Snowstorm
Indoor Snowstorm

  • The Magic of Christmas Show

Christmas themed magic show with loads of laughs and fun magic and funny puppet.  Rocky the bunny rabbit appears and his Christmas wish finally comes true as he changes right before your eyes from a puppet into a real live bunny rabbit!  All the kids love coming up to pet the bunny, a great photo opportunity to show the parents. 

(Jim holds two California teaching credentials, an MFA from the UCLA film school,
and carries 2 million dollar liability insurance as a performer)

PS:   Each show is customized to the age of your children and employs a musical soundtrack and sound effects

PPS:  Full money back guarantee if you are not completely delighted

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for Availability and Discounts


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(Jim regularly performs at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.  Jim is also the resident magician at "Giggles & Hugs" in Century City)


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Unleash The Children's Greatest Joy

Give your children an unforgettable event.  A day when they perform impossible magical feats in front of an applauding audience of their preschool friends.  Their self confidence will soar.

One day can impact a life

Some people believe a day can change the course of a life.  Others may find that hard to believe.  Until they look into the proud and joyful eyes of a child as they turn a puppet into a real live rabbit!


Children love to feel empowered.  There is a science to doing just that!

Children love to feel empowered, especially over an adult.  Anytime children can catch an adult in a mistake, it is a very powerful and positive experience for them.


The Jersey Jim show includes entertaining "mistakes" that the children can correct.  Whether it's Jim misnaming a color, failing to see something that they see, or needing the birthday child to say the magic words before a trick works, your child will feel that special glow as they become the center of everyone's attention and admiration.


Children also love to help the magician.  The kids are constantly helping Jersey Jim make the magic happen.  Sometimes, the entire audience dances to Jim's custom soundtracks to create the miracles.

For a child, it's the ride that counts more than the final destination

Every Jersey Jim routine is an original, fun-filled game with music and costumes that climaxes in a powerful magical effect.  The adults will be amazed, too, as they also enjoy the non-stop comedy.


You will be charmed by the sight of your children showing a new side of themselves in Jersey Jim's roller-coaster ride of slapstick fun, laughter, heartfelt emotion, and magical wonder.

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for Availability and Discounts